Hundreds of channels and sports events via P2P TV


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P2P is not only for downloading programs, movies and music. P2P is much more than that and you can check it if you try a P2P TV program like this.

Hundreds of channels, sports events, videoclips, programs and more are waiting for being watched by you. UUSEE is a very good P2P TV program that offers an amazing image quality and fluency. Those two features will surprise you and if we tell you that you'll be able to enjoy programs, movies and sports events that you can't watch on any common tv you'll love it.

The only problem we find when we analyze UUSEE is that it's only in Chinese, what makes very difficult to understand menus and options. On the other hand we have to say that if you want to use it to view programs when you already have the link, you don't have to know any Chinese to enjoy it, just click the link and enjoy. Furthermore, if you want to explore channels, there re some channels in English and other languages, but you'll have to search for them.

In short, UUSEE is a very good P2P TV program that would be amazing for us if it were in English.